Terms and Conditions

These apply if you are coming to my classes or having private sessions. And there are only three of them, so here they are.

First and foremost you do everything at your own risk.
I do my utmost to make all my classes as safe as possible and take into account those that have injuries and medical conditions, but your practice is in your hands. I will encourage you to go beyond your perceived limitations, but the decision to do a posture or skip it is always yours.

I need 24 hours notice for class cancellations.
This is for my private classes and I will charge you the full fee if you cancel within the 24 hours. Sometimes I do have people waiting for cancellations, so it helps me and them if you can let me know in advance.

I'd like you to do some practice on your own.
This condition isn't absolute, but I highly recommend it. Until you do a bit of practice on your own it never really feels like it is your own. When you do it on your own it starts to become yours and you start to understand in a way that you never did in a class situation. Some people have been going to classes for years but have never practised on their own. If you are not sure where to start, then here is something that I suggest in my classes. Do one posture you like, one you don't like and then shoulder stand. A few minutes in savasana (the corpse or relaxation) and you're done. One of my yoga teacher friends even went so far as to say that practising alone is the real yoga.

I don't teach morning classes.
I don't know if I'd really call this a condition and you can twist my arm fairly easily on this. But anything before 11.00 am is too early for me. I know, some yoga teachers get up very early and do their practice at 4.00 am, but not me. I will do it as a one–off, but not on a regular basis.