is Arup Sen's website which includes a yoga teachers directory and a yoga teachers online community. Some of the site is currently under development.

In this latest incarnation of the site I have added many more pages than the previous version and have divided it up into sections. I have split the yoga pages up into THEORY and PRACTICE. The THEORY section is really about learning the details of yoga and to develop an understanding of yoga. The PRACTICE section is more about the actual doing of yoga and how to develop and improve your practice. Both teachers and students of yoga will find relevant information here. The ARUP section is about me and all things I do; a homepage section if you like. The links on the left are good starting points.

My aim is to create a London yoga teachers community through the forum and also to get teachers listed in the directory.

I hope you enjoy your visit to and send please send me any comments or feedback good or bad. Just go to the contact page and send me a message.