In the table below you will find my class schedule for the week which includes both group classes in health clubs and private classes. As you can see I have regularly scheduled classes only on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. On the other days of the week I do web design work but I am also available for teaching yoga classes. Each week is different depending upon the demand for classes or websites. This just happens to be the average week for this month. I will update the schedule on a monthly basis, but more often if my schedule happens to change more rapidly than that.

MARCH 2007

Day Time Venue Area Type Level
Sunday 1100 – 1230 David Lloyd Kensington Group General
Sunday 1330 – 1430 Private Kensington Tuition Intermediate
Monday 1730 – 1830 The Peak Knightsbridge Group General
Monday 1930 – 2100 Private Euston Tuition Intermediate
Tuesday 1330 – 1500 The Peak Knightsbridge Group Beginner
Tuesday 1900 – 2100 Private Bayswater Tuition Intermediate
Wednesday 0800 – 0900 Private Knightsbridge Tuition General
Wednesday 1200 – 1300 Private Kensington Tuition Beginner
Friday 1700 – 1830 Private Knightsbridge Tuition Intermediate
Saturday 0900 – 1000 Private Knightsbridge Tuition General

indicates that it is a home visit. I have included the area of the home visit so that you can see if I can get to your home from the previous venue if you want to book a session. I don't believe that this will infringe upon the privacy in any way.
indicates that the class is taught to a group of people and
means that the classes are one to one or a very small group of two.
level means that it is neither complete beginner level or intermediate but trying to suit all levels.
means that it is suitable for complete beginners and
means that the class assumes a lot of prior knowledge even though the postures may not be difficult as such. I will also assume that you practise on a fairly regular basis and have a clear understanding of the basic principles.

Private Classes

If you simply don't have the time to get to classes or want to work on specific areas such as stiff shoulders, then private classes are for you. They are tailored to suit your needs. The class is never too easy or too hard and you get all the attention. Most people want to work on specific conditions such as aching backs or relieving stress. And if the times of the classes at your local health club don't suit you and then again private classes are the natural choice. I do have a few terms and conditions and the prices are below.


£60 for one hour and £75 for one and a half hours.
The prices include travel to and from your home and there is no extra charge if we go slightly over the hour. There is also no extra charge for two people; so if you want to cut the costs and practise with a partner or a friend that's fine by me. If you want me to come to your place of work and teach a group class for you and your colleagues that can also be arranged with prices as above. A lunchtime yoga session at work may be just the thing if you want to keep your evenings free.