About Yogarup.com

Yogarup.com started life as homepage project where I could provide information about the classes that I teach as well as other content about my hobbies. As my web design skills have grown, so has the size of my site. Now I want to do a bit more than just a homepage and create a hub for yoga teachers and students. The forum was created mainly for this purpose. But there is also the directory where yoga teachers and centres can be found. Anyone can join the forum or list themselves in the directory. Yogarup.com will still serve as a homepage or homesite for me but also be a point of contact for yoga teachers and yoga students and basically anyone interested in yoga. Once I have made contact with a few yoga journalists, yogarup.com will also provide news of what's happeing in the yoga world.

The name yogarup comes from my name, Arup (pronounced aaroop) and of course yoga. I thought it would be a clever idea to overlap both of the a's, but this of course only makes sense to those that know me. But the name has stuck. Perhaps as the site continues to grow and more and more teachers become involved in the forum and contributing articles etc. the name can be changed to yoga london or something more appropriate.


First of all thanks and praises to my wife Conny (in the photo above) who has put up with endless blather about web design and has also helped with user testing and usability. She also took many of the photos and appears as a model. Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

stock.xchng has provided me with many of the images that I have used on this site. I am sorry that I am not able to credit photographers individually, but thanks to you all.

I have to give a shout out to all of the very well written tutorials out there on various topics on web design. As I am totally self taught, that has been my school. Learn the web from the web has been my motto. In particular my thanks to Eric Meyer whose works have inspired me tremendously in understanding and using cascading style sheets.